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    HeiQ Synbio Care – Hygienic Hand Gel

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    HeiQ Synbio Care – Hygienic Hand Gel

    Refreshing probiotic hand gel for optimal and long-lasting hand hygiene.

    What makes it special:

    • Unlike traditional sanitizers that kill all bacteria, this hygienic hand gel gives your skin an extra boost of good bacteria (probiotics)
    • Probiotics support a balanced skin microbiome
    • Conventional disinfectants dry out the skin. Hygienic Hand Gel contains only a limited amount of alcohol, which evaporates quickly but does not leave skin feeling dry.
    • Pre- and probiotics renew the skin, rebalance it and improve its healthy appearance and well-being
    • With patented HeiQ Synbio technology
    • Made in Belgium


    • Pour a small amount into the palm of the hand, rub hands together, paying attention to fingers, fingertips and thumbs, as well as the backs of the hands. Then let evaporate
    • 100ml bottle
    • Easy to open and close lid
    • For adults and children

    Ingredients: Alcohol Denat; Aqua; Bacillus Ferment; Inulin; Xanthan Gum; Triethanolamine; C.i. 42051; Parfum.

    Like an invisible glove!
    Prebiotic and probiotic skin cleansers are enriched with good prebiotic bacteria and maintain a balanced skin microflora on our hands. The effect is based on the combination of surfactants and probiotics that produce enzymes over a long period of time. These enzymes break down organic dirt.

    HeiQ Synbio Care - Hygienic Hand Gel is a cosmetic hand cleanser that stimulates a good microbiome.