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    HeiQ Synbio

    Introducing HeiQ Synbio: Advanced probiotic technology for your home and family, including your pet! HeiQ Synbio is a range of products that take advantage of the benefits of probiotics into personal care, pet care and cleaning.

    HeiQ Synbio Care – Athlete Spray

    17.90 CHF 

    HeiQ Synbio Care – Body Lotion

    15.90 CHF 

    HeiQ Synbio Care – Hygienic Hand Gel

    7.50 CHF 

    HeiQ Synbio Care – Pet Spray

    19.90 CHF 

    HeiQ Synbio Clean – Allergen Spray

    27.90 CHF 

    HeiQ Synbio Clean – Cleaning Spray

    9.90 CHF 

    Synbio Floor Cleaner (Ecolabel)

    10.90 CHF 

    Synbio Floor Scrub (Ecolabel)

    10.90 CHF 

    Synbio Interior Cleaner (Ecolabel)

    10.90 CHF 

    Synbio Sanitary Cleaner (Ecolabel)

    10.90 CHF