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    HeiQ Fresh Fleece Blanket

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    HeiQ Fresh Fleece Blanket

    Let's face it!

    Fleece is bad for the environment. When it is made, used or washed, it releases a ton of microplastics that eventually end up polluting our oceans.

    But worry no more: we have a solution!

    Introducing the HeiQ Fresh Fleece Blanket, made in Italy by Pontetorto, the world leader in fleece. It features a new generation of fleece made from 84% Lyocell, a much more eco-friendly alternative to polyester.

    Moreover, it uses our proprietary HeiQ Fresh technology, a silver-free and bio-based textile treatment that prevents body and pet odors from sticking onto your blanket. This way, it will smell fresh longer and you’ll wash it twice less.

    With the HeiQ Fresh Fleece Blanket, you will enjoy a better, warmer, fresher, and more eco-friendly experience, making it your ideal companion for home, travel, and outdoor activities.


    Product Highlights

    • High Quality - Made in Italy by Pontetorto, the world leader in fleece
    • Cozy, Warm & Lightweight - Next generation of fleece made from Lyocell
    • Double-Sided - Both sides adorn a soft brushed fleece blanket
    • Long-Lasting Freshness - Wash it twice less
    • Pet Friendly - Thanks to our patented Odor Control formula
    • Machine Washable - Wash it safely at 30 degrees Celcius
    • More Eco-Friendly - Contains zero silver and just 16% Polyester
    • Size - 180 x 160 cm

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